Double S 501

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Double S Oh Gong Il

SS501 (pronounced as Double S Oh Gong IL in Korea, Double S 501) is a South Korean boy band under management of Daesung Entertainment, also known as DSP Entertainment. The name of the band is a combination of the alphabet and numbers that have special meanings in them. The first “S” stands for “Super”. The second “S” is an abbreviation for “Star”. The number 5,0 and 1 means “five members united as one forever”. Their official fan club is known as “Triple S “.


SS501 debuted on June 8, 2005 with their first single “Kyeonggo” (Korean: “경고”, “Warning“), with a second single “Snow Prince” released in late 2005. The group was inactive in Korea for most of 2006, although they had a fan meeting in Japan in April. The hiatus was due to Heo Young Saeng’s throat condition which required surgery, thus resulting in a need for time to fully recover. In mid-2006, they held their first concert, “Step Up Concert” in Osaka, Japan. In late 2006, they returned to Korea in order to promote their first full album, which was released on November 10 and titled S.T.01 Now. Singles from the album included “Unlock” and “Four Chance”. As well as promoting the album on various variety and music shows, they also filmed a show on MNet called SOS. The group also lent their voices for the 2006 animated movie.

SS501 participated in two reality shows — Thank You For Waking Us Up (2005) and Thank You For Raising Us (2006) — that profiled the group’s life together. They filmed an 8 episode reality programme SS501 SOS by Mnet. They also appeared in MNet’s Idol World in 2007, which showed SS501 doing various missions in Japan.

Source: WikiPedia

Kim Hyun Joong

  • Korean:김현중  Chinese: 金賢重
  • SS501 Leader
  • Nickname: dog or cow
  • Birthday: 1986/06/06
  • Zodiac: Gemini
  • Seoul origin
  • Height: 183cm
  • Weight:63kg
  • Blood type:B
  • Education: Kyonggi University, Department of electronic digital music
  • Family member : Parents, Elder brother
  • Hobbies : swimming, workout, basketball, football
  • Talents : guitar, paino
  • idol : Lee Hyori
  • dream girl : straightforward, like friend
  • own body part that like most : eyes
  • motto : You can only live once
  • In 2008 starred in MBC variety show, “We got married”; 2009 Korean Drama Boys Over Flowers (South Korean version of “Meteor Garden”), which of Yoon Ji-Hoo

He won on 2009

  • Popularity Award for Television on KBS2’s Boys Over Flowers
  • Best Actor for Seoul’s International Drama Awards
  • Most Popular Icon for Style Icon Awards 2009
  • Yahoo Asia Buzz Award: Asia Top Buzz Male Artist
  • Yahoo Asia Buzz Award: Taiwan Top Buzz Korean Artist
  • Yahoo Asia Buzz Award: Korean Top Buzz Artist

Kim Hyung Joon

  • Korean name: 김형준, Chinese: 金亨俊
  • SS501 baby
  • Position: Main vocal, Rap
  • Nickname: dinosaur or rabbit
  • Birthday : 1987/08/03
  • Zodiac: Leo
  • Seoul origin
  • Height: 181cm
  • Weight: 66kg
  • Blood Type: O Type
  • Family member: Parents, little brother (Kim Ki Bum @ U-Kiss)
  • Education : Dongguk University Teacher’s College High School (Middle school of it), Kyonggi University (still attending)
  • Hobbies: basketball, listening to music, online game
  • Talents: fanciful constellation of talents
  • idol: BoA
  • ideal girl: Feminine, hard-working
  • motto: no matter what I encounter, I won’t give up

Heo Young Saeng

  • Korean: 허영생, Chinese:許永生
  • SS501 Prince
  • Nickname : Otter
  • Birthday: 1986/11/03
  • Zodiac: Scorpio
  • Gochang gun Jeollabuk origin (born in Guangzhou City, Gyeonggi-do)
  • Height 178cm
  • Weight 63kg
  • Blood Type: O Type
  • Family member : Parents
  • Hobbies: Online game, listening to music, self-portrait (photos)
  • Talents: Piano, voice intimation
  • idol : Song Hye-gyo
  • First Love: Middle school with a girl three years older than him
  • ideal girl: cute, considerate, intelligence
  • motto: I need to overcome all the difficulty to keep go on

Kim Kyu Jong

  • Korean: 김규종, Chinese:金奎鐘
  • SS501 Center
  • Nickname: Center
  • Birthdate: 1987/2/24
  • Zodiac: Pisces
  • Blood type: A type
  • Height / Weight: 181 cm / 65kg
  • Education: All Beijing Normal University affiliated High School (graduate) Baiji University of the Arts Department of Music (studying in)
  • Family member: Parents, little sister
  • Hobbies: listening to music, reading, basketball
  • Talents: Magic
  • idols: Wu Shijing
  • ideal girl: someone like idols Wu Shijing, warm hearted
  • Motto: No regrets, I would like to challenge all!

Park Jung Min

  • Korean name: 박정민, Chinese: 朴政玟
  • Nickname: Horse
  • Birhday:  1987/04/03
  • Zodiac: Aries
  • Seoul origin
  • Height: 185cm
  • Weight: 66kg
  • Blood Type: O Type
  • Education: Dongguk University, Normal University affiliated high school, Kyonggi University, Department acting
  • Family member: Parents, elder sister
  • Hobbies: listening to soft music
  • Talents : Tap dance
  • idol: Gao Ying
  • ideal girl: with long hair
  • always saying: some English expression like “Oh! my goodness”
  • motto: always living with thankful heart

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